Thursday, 29 June 2017

Fitness! Fitness! Fitness!

Hi all
This week I have a fitness post for you. I am definitely not not a fitness expert but I do enjoy fitness and one of my new year goals was to do more fitness. So far I do think I have met this goal. I have also started running with one of my friends, but it is wether dependant and the weather has not been as good this week. I have still been doing Lucy Whyndam-Ready You tube fitness videos, she has been doing fitness challenges every other month with a new video each day, one day a cardio video and the next a toning workout. The July challenge starts on on the first.

Here are some of of favourites of Lucy's videos:

Here are some of the sports leggings I love and have been wearing for my fitness

Image from
I love these marble effect leggings. They have a netted strip down one side. I really like the pattern.

Image from
I also really love these sports leggings. I have two pairs of these in this colour and in pink they are really comfortable and fit well.

Thank you for reading. Do you know of any good fitness videos or apps? Where do you like to buy sports clothes from? 
Bye for now, see you next week!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Summer Outfit!

Hi all
This week and last weeks has been so hot! England has had big heat wave a heatwave! Here is one of the summer outfits I have been loving this week! I really like this outfit I have chosen I feel it is really summery due to all the floral prints. I love floral and almost all my clothes have flowers on them, evan my shoes have flowers on them!
As not all this stuff is not current season I can't leave the exact link but I have picked out some similar items from the same shops that I also love and left the links below!

This top is from New Look, it is a very light fabric. There are fabric coverd buttons all the way up the back of the top and I really like the pom pom trim round the bottom edge of the top.

Similar New Look top Click Here

These shorts are from New Look.
I really love these, I like denim shorts and I  love that these ones have floral detailing along the edges and on the pockets. I have owned these for quite a while now and they are still definitely my favourite shorts!

Similar New Look shorts: Click Here

These shoes are from Ecco. I really like these shoes as I love the floral pattern on them! I have to wear orthotic insoles so finding shoes that are deep enough for the insoles is quite a challenge as I always used to wear converse. Most of the shoes in Ecco are deep enough for the insoles and they have got some really nice shoes!
These Ecco shoes Click Here

These sunglasses are from Topshop. I put these in the clothing haul on here a while ago (you can check that out here) but in the sun we have had this week you really need your sunglasses so of course I had to include them!
Link to these Cool Metal Sunglasses

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! What's are favourite clothes and shoes shop and what's the weather like at the moment where you are? Bye for now see you next week!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Simple DIY Fathers Day Card

Hi all, 
I have a DIY today, this Sunday is fathers day (at least in the UK) so if you are yet to get a fathers day card then here is a super simple DIY card you can make. 

You Will Need
Plain White Card to decorate
Three pieces of coloured card or paper (any pattern or colour you want)
Two Buttons
Strip of paper or card play or subtle pattern for the background
Thin strip of colour plain card (I used a sparkley grey card)

Fold the card in half and cut out a small triangle as shown in the picture above, so when opened you have two triangle shapes joined together. Continue cutting out the triangles so you have enough to go across the card I used five triangles but it depends on what size you make them. 

Once you have enough triangles fold them over the string as shown above to make the bunting. 

Stick the backing paper or card onto the plain white card. Thread the buttons onto the string so the ends are hidden behind the buttons and stick the buttons onto the card, as shown in the picture above.

Stick the strip of of card over the edge of the background card as shown above.

Write or print (my writing is not neat but I still wanted to write on the front the card) out a "Happy Fathers Day" message and put it on the bottom of the card as shown above. You could also change the message on the front of the card to make it a Birthday card or thank you card!

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. Let me know if you make the card! Bye for now, see you next week.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Small stud Earrings!

Hi all, 
Hope you have had a good week! This week I finished my end of year exams, which I am so happy about! This Saturday it is six weeks since I got a second ear piercing so that means I am soon finally able to change my earrings! Here is a collection of earnings that I have bought ready to wear as soon as I can change my earrings, they are all small studs as I like the look of smaller earrings in the second piercing.

This first pair was bought from Accessorize. if you have been reading a while you will know how much i love that shop, hey have so many earrings and bags, I also love their bags. 

 This pair was again from Accessorize. I love these, they look so cute and I can't wait to wear them!

 These yet again were from Accessorize.  These were part of a set with all gold stems, as for newly pierced ears gold and sterling silver are meant to be better for ears and prevent infection.

These were from Silverado in Brighton that I bought these quite a while ago when we went to Brighton for the day! I love these they are rose gold triangles, so will go with quite a lot of my other jewellery! I really love the shop Silverado and I definitely want to buy some more jewellery from there.

These little stars were from Accessorize. Again these were from the set of gold stemmed earrings I really like these earrings (but excuse the odd reflective shine above them)

Thank you for reading! What shops would you recommend for earrings? Please let me know in the comments, as you can see from this post I need to broaden my earring shop options! 
Bye for now, See you next week!

Thursday, 1 June 2017


Hi all, 
I have one week until the final assessments are done, then there is only half a term until summer!! I know that this time of year is also very busy and stressful for those doing GCSEs (good luck if you are doing your GCSEs at the moment!) So this week on my blog I thought I would share a motivational quote!

"Don't be afraid to fail be afraid to fail"

If it's exams or GCSEs you've got coming up then just think you have put in all the effort, been to all the lessons and put in your best, so the night before or when you walk into that exam room don't be afraid to fail, but try your best!

Just think, soon these exams will be over and you will have a great summer! I know, last year when I did my GCSEs the feeling when all your exams are done and you can move all your revision books and notes out of the way, is AMAZING!

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! What is your favourite motivational quote? Let me know in the comments below! Good luck if you still have exams! 
Bye for now, see you next week!