Thursday, 23 February 2017

Pancakes - White Chocolate and Raspberry!

Hi all
Today I am going to share a recipe with you for pancakes! It is pancake day on Tuesday or some may call it shrove Tuesday. These pancakes are delicious they have fresh raspberries in them. When I make these pancakes the mixture makes 5 large pancakes.

one and a half cups of plain flour
one and a half tbsp of baking powder
pinch of salt 
one tbsp of sugar 
one cup of milk
one tbsp of vanilla extract
one quarter cup of greek yogurt (you could use flavoured)
1 egg
half a cup of raspberries 
 one quarter cup of white chocolate chips 
oil or butter for the pan

1) Mix together the dry ingredients in a bowl (flour, baking powder, salt and sugar)

2) In a separate bowl mix together the wet ingredients (milk, vanilla extract, greek yogurt and egg) 

3) When the ingredients are mixed together well. Combine the wet and the dry ingredients together and stir well with a wooden spoon.

4) Fold in the raspberries and white chocolate gently you could mash some of the raspberries to create a pink marble effect.

5) Put a frying pan on the heat with some oil or butter in the pan then pour a small amount of the pancake mixture in the frying pan if you want, or have the ability to (I don't, this failed when I tried it) you could use a metal cookie cutter to pour the mixture in so you have a shaped pancake!

6) Cook the pancake on one side then flip it (again my ability wont let me do this properly so I just used a rubber spatula). They take 1-2 minutes to cook. When all the pancakes have cooked remove the pan from the heat and eat your pancakes! I think these would be nice with some ice cream! I put syrup on my pancake! 
Yes I know it doesn't look great in this photo but I promise you it was delicious!! 

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! If you have a go at making these let my know in the comments or on twitter my twitter is @Mollyeeez! Bye for now, see you next week!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Apps - Some apps I Recommend!

Hi all
Today I thought I would share with you some apps I am loving at the moment! Most of these apps are paid for, I many more apps that are free but these are my favourites. There are many different app stores depending on the device you have, so I did not include links to the specific app but if you search the app in your app store it will appear.

Is an app that I have for a while now and I still love it! It has a variety of guided and unguided meditations. It helps you relax and there are also many sleep meditations and recently they have brought out sleep stories that help you get to sleep. Some of these are free when you first download the app and others require you to have subscription to their services (Click here to see Calm's subscription prices), which is quite costly but I think it's worth it, especially if you often get stressed or anxious. I first got a subscription to this app before I had exams and it really helped me get through them. The creators of Calm also have a book out that talks and explains mindfulness in a fun and interesting way(Click here to see this book on amazon)!

I am sure you will of heard of this website and the app that goes with it! I listening to books I am a very slow reader so although I do enjoy reading I often enjoy the book more if i listen to it, therefore i love using audible. I often listen to audible when I am traveling.

I love this app!! This app basically stops you from being able to use your phone while you working or doing something that you don't want your phone distracting you. It does this in the form of planting and growing trees. You need to reach your no phone target you set for the tree to survive then you can name your trees so when studying you can keep track of how long you have spent of each topic. I use this app when revising, doing homework, tidying my room and sometimes when I am writing blog posts. I am easily distracted by social media!!

Zen Sand
This is a fairly new app I have found but so far I enjoying it, although I have come to the end of the free part and I not yet prepared to pay. This is a game where you have to try and get the running sand into the vases using bamboo sticks. I find this game very calming!

This again in another new game I have found, it is defiantly not as calming as Zen Sand in fact I get very frustrated when I fail in this game but it is highly addictive I am currently stuck at 39! You have to use two little people who can only stand on their own coloured block across the I would recommend giving it a go!

All these images are taken from the respective websites.
Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed! What is your favourite app? Let me know in the comments below.
Bye for now, see you soon!

Thursday, 9 February 2017


Hi all,
 Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite jewellery. Here are three pieces of jewellery that I love!

The first piece of jewellery I love is this bracelet, I bought this from a shop called Vinegar Hill in bath when I went there last year for my Birthday. Me and my best friend bought these matching bracelets. As you can see from the first photo the clasp is on chord so you can tighten and loosen it, however it is a bit big and I think it should tighten further, it is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery!

These earrings are from Accessorize, they are a pair of earrings that I love. They, are not my overall favourite, but I find myself choosing to wear these most often. I wear a lot of pink so they often go well with my outfit. I love the little jewell above the flower! 

This bracelet again is from Accessorize. I wore this bracelet with my prom dress at prom because the blue colour in it matched the dress perfectly! I love the gold (I love gold) surrounding each blue jewell centre. I also to wear this bracelet with many of my blue tops on a daily basis. 

 I do wear necklaces, but today I decided to focus on these earnings and bracelets, perhaps I will do a post in the future about necklace I love! Whats is your favourite piece of jewellery? Do you prefer necklaces and bracelets? Let me know in the comments below. 
Thank's for reading, I hope you enjoyed! 
Bye for now, see you next week!

Thursday, 2 February 2017


Hi all 
It is now February, January is over, for many January is said to be the worst month as christmas is over, people have to go back to work and school and money can be tight. However for me January has not been all that bad I have kept up with my goals and resolutions (I have finished Lucy Wyndham Read's entire January challenge, which I am proud of myself for! Link to her YouTube channel) Doing these workouts and getting into a good routine has helped me stay happy and motivated throughout January! 

Now that January is over however I feel goals and good habits are at risk and everyone could do with a motivational boost now and then, that's why today I wanted to a post sharing one of my favourite motivational quotes and hopefully lift some February spirits! (Spring will soon be on it's way! I love spring flowers!) 

Here is the quote I have chosen to continue the motivation, positivity and hard work throughout February. 

Focus on what you will do to move one step closer to your goal, don't overwhelm yourself now you will get there. When your overwhelmed remember everything you have ever achieved did not happen overnight you worked for it! Recognise the progress you make each day and know it will add up!

Thank you for reading I hope this has given you some motivation yourself! How was your January? Are you still feeling motivated and rearing to go? What was your biggest January achievement and what is your favourite motivational quote? Let me know in the comments. Bye for now, see you next week!