Thursday, 29 December 2016

Lets Have A Chat!

Hi all
I hope that you have had a lovely Christmas, sadly now though christmas is over but we can still enjoy a few festivities at least until school starts again. I have had a good christmas this year I spent the day with my family parents, grandparent unties uncles and many cousins, I love seeing all my family in one place over the christmas holidays. I have received so many lovely presents from family and friends, but even more than that I love watching people open the presents I have got them and ones others have got them it makes feel so festive and warm and fuzzy.

Some of my  cousins are young and at the age where they get so exited for santa coming on christmas eve I love seeing the excitement in the faces when they go to bed. Something I love to do with my cousins on christmas eve is use the Nordic Track Santa website it has a live image of where santa is in the world I used to love watching this on christmas eve and now I can enjoy the same things with my cousins. I hope that you to have had a magical christmas!

So I have been writing this blog for around a month now and so far it's going well I am enjoying writing, doing activities and then blogging about them. As you may have noticed my blog does not have a particular theme, it is fairly random and filled with things that I enjoy doing and writing about and I would like this up through the year of 2017. I hope that you enjoy reading this blog. 

Soon we will welcome in a new year! I cant believe how fast this year has gone, this year has been quite stressful I have had so many huge exams and started a new school! There has also been some big news and changes happening in the world this year, but I hope the year of 2017 will be good for all us.

I hope you have a wonderful new year! What was your favourite thing about this christmas, and what is one thing that you are looking forward to in the new year? Please share in the comments below. Bye for now see you next week!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Quick Easy DIY Gift!

Hi all
Christmas is fast approaching with only two days to go! Most people will have probably done all their christmas shopping and luckily for me I have, and even better than that the wrapping is all done to. Normally however this would not be the case, so this week I have decided to show you how to do this quick and super easy DIY Christmas gift!

You Will Need!
Jar (whatever size you like)
Snow balls enough to fill the jar
4 black buttons
Small piece of paper and orange pencil
Glue or a glue gun
Permanent marker pen

These are the filling for the jar you will create.
 I love these and (I believe) they are only around
at Christmas!

I just used a plain jam jar for this DIY.

First you need to get your paper and cut out a small triangle for the carrot nose of your snowman.
Then glue on two of the buttons for eyes and the carrot nose like shown below.
Using the permanent marker give your snowman a mouth you could do a simple mouth like I did or you could do dots like the classic snowman! 
Finally stick your remaining buttons underneath the mouth to look like a buttoned up shirt. 

 Then fill your jar with the snow bites!

To make your snowman more suitable as a gift you could add ribbon or a bow to the top of the jar!

When all the snowbites have been eaten you could put a candle in the jar or make one for yourself and use it as a candle holder. The jam jar I used the middle of the lid popped out so a candle fit perfectly with part of the lid still on.

If you made this DIY let me know in the comments below or you could tweet me a picture at @Mollyeeez! I hope you have a very merry Christmas! Bye for now see you next week!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Getting A Christmas Tree

Hi all
Last week I went with my family to get a Christmas tree! I really love this time of year, I love spending time with family, friends and the feeling of being warm and cosy. Every year we all go together to pick a christmas tree from the same farm. We also pick a new tree decoration. Here I have collected some pictures from the day and of our tree, I hope that this puts you in the festive mood!

Here is a giant inflatable Santa!

And a Poler bear on a Thrown!

I also met reindeer (they do not like to keep still for a photo!)

We then looked through a lot of trees! 

After finding to the tree we went for hot chocolate and cake to celebrate!

And finally we got the tree home and decorated it here is a picture of the finished tree it's completely full of decorations and I love it! 

Do you celebrate christmas, if so do you get a fake real or tree and what's your favourite tree decoration, let me know in the comments? Hope you enjoyed this post! Don't forget subscribe so you never miss a post! See you next week bye for now!

Monday, 12 December 2016

Help Someone This Christmas

Hi all
Today I decided to do a bonus, christmasy blog post for you. I want this post to be about sharing the joy of christmas with those who are less fortunate than yourself. This year I am encouraging you to do something nice for someone who needs it. Christmas (at least for me) is the one time of the year when I get to see all my family in the same place and I actually get to spend time them, therefore I love it. Sadly this is not the case for all, maybe for you christmas is not that time. 

For many, it's a time when people are reminded of the things they don't have or cant do! They may be a child in care, with no family, a seriously ill child, someone living in poverty, someone suffering from homelessness or an elderly person with no family to spend the day with (imagine spending christmas on your own!). Perhaps even a disadvantaged child whose family had to choose food over a christmas gift this year. This is why I want to encourage you, if your able, to help someone in need. 

You could help a lonely elderly person you know by inviting them to your christmas celebration, give them a gift to show you care or even just post a card through there door and let them know you are thinking of them. You could help an elderly person you don't know through a charity such Age UK you could donate if you able or help by volunteering your time.

You could help a child in need this christmas by donating to children's charities, BBC Children in Need is a good charity to consider as it helps children in sorts of situations and living through many different challenges and of all different ages.  

Something my family do each year is give a gift to a child through something called the giving tree. Many towns villages through the country do similar things, you select a tag hanging on the tree with a name and age of the child, you then buy a gift for that child and leave it in the donation box. I think that this is a great thing for the whole family to get involved in and encourages children to think about others at christmas.

I know there so many more people to help and more ways to do it but these are some of my thoughts on the subject if you have other suggestions that could be helpful please leave them in the comments. If you do something to help someone this christmas I would love to hear about it in the comments!
Bye for now see you soon!

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Double Chocolate Biscuits

Hello again,
This week I did some baking and I made these double chocolate biscuits, they are really tasty and very chocolatey. In this post I will share with you how to make these biscuits. They are perfect for these cold but cosy December evenings, with a hot chocolate!

To make these biscuits you will need: 
175g of softened butter or margarine
85g of golden caster sugar
200g of plain flour
1-3tbsp of cocoa powder (choose how chocolatey you want your biscuits)
100g of chocolate chips or chunks (milk or dark, I went for milk)

You will also need:
Large mixing bowl
Wooden spoon
Rolling pin
Cookie cutter (you could go christmas themed!)
Baking tray
Baking tray

What you will to do
First you will need to add the butter or margarine (I used margarine) to the mixing bowl and mix them together with your wooden spoon until combined.

Once combined add the flour. Then add the cocoa powder and the chocolate chips or chunks (I used chocolate chunks). This bits messy- mix the mixture with your hands then combine (squeeze) the mixture together into one dough like piece, as below. Make sure your work surface is clean, then spread out some flour to stop the dough sticking. Use the rolling pin to roll out out the dough to about half a centimetre thick.

 Next cut out the biscuits from the dough using your chosen cookie cutter, you will need to wiggle it about a bit as the chocolate chunks or chips often get in the way.  Then place your biscuits on a baking tray and put in the oven for 10-12 minutes.

Once cooked (biscuits will be soft when hot but stiffen when cooling) remove from tray and place to cool. Once cooled eat and enjoy, curled up on your sofa with a hot chocolate and prepare for christmas, only 16 days!

If you had a go at making these let me know in the comments or tweet me @Mollyeeez!
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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Gifts Under £10

Hello again
With Christmas coming up, I thought that I would do a post on some gifts you could buy for a friend or family member. There is still some time to go until Christmas but if you are anything like me you will leave your Christmas shopping until the last week, then go on a frantic shopping spree, or you may just forget about someone completely (take my advice, this never goes down well). So this year don't leave your shopping until the last minutes! Most people are on a Christmas budget so to help you out, here I have collected five gifts that will cost you less than ten pounds!
Ted Baker Mini Gift Trio    £8.00
Here is a beautiful gift set by ted baker. One of my favourite things about ted baker gift sets is the packaging they use it always looks so cute and I would love to open this on Christmas morning. Ted Baker is one of my favourite brands, although normally a little more pricy, this will only cost you eight pounds. In this gift set you get three minis all 50ml, you get a body wash, body lotion and body spray.

Jack Wills Mini Lip Balm Set   £6.00
Here is a cute little stocking from jack wills that has inside, a rose lip balm. Costing you only six pounds it would make a perfect little gift for anyone who loves Christmas. You can purchase this from either Boots or Jack Wills themselves.

New Look Pink Iridescent Peg Frame  £9.99
Here is a Picture Frame selling in New Look that would make a perfect gift for someone this Christmas costing just under ten pound. You could buy this for your best friend and fill it with lovely pictures of the two of you to make a thoughtful gift. You attach the pictures with the pegs, there are many of these around now days, I like the thought of  putting a favourite quote in next the images. 

Tidy Tunes Headphone Case  £7.16
Here is a headphone case by the brand Happy Jackson. I like this brand, they use bright colours in all the products and some overly obvious quotes, they make perfect gifts! There are loads of different products to browse through and i'm sure you will find a gift you can buy for someone this Christmas.

Bogey Man egg Separator  £6.99
Okay so this gift is a little different from the other gifts I found. It seems a little gross to be honest but it could be a great gift for those who are more trickier to buy for, It's quirky and perfect for those who like to cook.

I hope you found this helpful and gave you some inspiration. If you have any other suggestions of Christmas gifts please leave them in the comment section below. Subscribe (the top box to your right) so you never miss a post! See you next week, bye for now!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Welcome to my Blog

Hi ya
My name is Molly (you can probably guess this from the title of my blog)
I am going to start writing this blog, to give me something fun to do. My aim is to post something each week, so please come back to look. My blog will be filled with food, crafts, lifestyle and festivities (Christmas is on the way!).
Thank you for visiting, bye for now!